Project Description

“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries change lives for the better.” ―said Sidney Sheldon and is our duty to make it the most attractive place so that people will be naturally drawn to it. A library is the heart and soul of an educational institution. Library is shed of knowledge, it is the place where knowledge is preserved and this makes it very important to organize and to take care of this treasure entrusted to us.
Hippocrates System Management makes this duty easier to you, it can provide effective support in implementing knowledge management.

What is Hippocrates Library Manager?
It is a well-designed and operational knowledge management system which will improve all of the key areas of library services. The utmost goal of our system is to provide users with a variety of quality services in order to improve the communication, use and creation of knowledge. Information about each user can be obtained by analyzing the records of user registration, surveys, circulation and interlibrary loans.


Books is a module which contains all the information for every book in library:
Titles, authors, abstract, isbn, and other detailed information about each book. The system will update missing information through Google Books API.
Helps operators and users to find a book just by knowing any detail of that book.
Position of every book and category is displayed for the operator.


Library manages the day-to-day workflow of a library and automates/simplifies the process of:
Book loans and Book returns.
Loan history, tracing and reporting of every action made by any user for any book in library.
Inventory of the library containers and the summary of each one.
Moving books singularly or in group from one container to another.

Book Store

Book Store manages the actions for buying, selling, moving and sending books to the library for loan purposes.
Handle and manage Suppliers, name and contact, invoices and orders
Stock Room management, stock verification and validation, action history tracing
Invoices, payments, pre-payments and various financial reports


Configurations allows you to track and control changes
Gives the opportunity to create a new container with all details, printing ISBN and setting the sizes.
Has a special module which let you create but also review categories of books.


CRM is another module which contains personal data of each user.
Operator can create a new user by entering all his data.
Operator can send any information by email to a category of clients or to all of them
Also makes it possible to synchronize your data with another database related.

User Portal

User Portal is the public reserved space for students, customers, public, to view, search and order books.
OPAC is the Open Public Access Catalogue of books, indexed and searchable through title, author and keywords.
Loans and Orders, a private space for customers to reserve a booking, order and prepay a book etc.
Notifications, loans history, invoices and much more for the logged-in customers
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