Project Description

A software that covers the entire process of a certification based on EA sectors and Standard requirements. The whole process will be managed from different categories of users divided according to their roles to make the system safer by implementing role-based permissions and user-access-level permissions.
The system takes care of the entire workflow, from Request Offers made by potential clients, to audit planning, assignments, document compilation and control, onsite audit, up until the final committee confirmation and certificate printing.
Every action performed on the system is logged and easily traceable.
The system impones a chronological and logical compilation of the documents, taking care of time and resource constraints, eliminating any user errors or procedures overlapping.

Data Entry

Data Entry- End operator that taces care of data entry, information updates, request offers, client companies profile and contact info, etc.

File Manager

File Manager- Check the integrity and correctness of every compiled document, notify responsible persons, and block further modifications once the document is accepted and archived.

Human Resources

Human Resources- responsible for managing all employee data and their career. Manage generalities, attach CVs and certifications, manage qualifications per EA sector and Standard, update and track career and training.


Auditor- Auditors have a reserved private area to access their personal information. Check assignments, compile requested documentation, perform onsite audit, attach client information and other verified documents, part of the certification process.


Commissioner- can check all the procedures completed by auditors and confirmed by File Managers, verify document integrity and overall process quality. Commissioners also control and sign for any career advancement of employees and auditors.


Administrator- Administrators are responsible for Auditors and Commissioner assignment, task scheduling and resource planning.
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