Pastry Manager is the solution when it comes to decentralized management of pastry shop and production line.

Pastry manager manages every work process of a pastry business, big or small, starting from a single all-purpose location and growing seamlessly side by side with your ever-growing business.

PastryMgr is:

  • User-Friendly: simple and intuitive in use, with inline help, on-demand help, and a very rich user manual.
  • Web-Based: use your favorite browser, in any computer on your network, and you are just one username/password away from operating the system
  • Customization-Ready: a privileged operator, can change work process as needed, customizing and adapting the software behavior to accomplish your need
  • Open-Source technology: the entire system is powered by the open source technology, no need for a license, no need for legal counsel.
  • Modular: system architecture makes it simple and fast to add new modules or functionalities in just a few hours of work
  • 24/7 technical support: we are ready to help you anytime, resolving any problem, accomplishing every need
  • Multi-Location: one system for all institutions, no matter where they are located. One internet/intranet connection and the software is on your browser.
  • Advanced reporting: query your data in just a few clicks, have your results filtered any way you like and download your reports instantly on your device
  • Control Privileges: Manage all of your users, create groups, assign roles: every user can have a limited view of the system, as per job description
  • Dynamic Menu: Users get to see what they are enabled for: no confusing inactive menus, just what you need, when you need it
  • Minimal requirements: it does not matter if your server is old, a simple workstation, a VPS or a shared host; we guarantee maximum performance in every case
  • Hosting choice: host your application in your servers, or in your favorite ISP, without any specific requirement or complex configuration
  • Mobile Responsive: Students and professors portal made mobile-first, with the best presentation possible in smartphone powered by Bootstrap.
  • Secure: Do not worry about sensitive information: it’s encrypted. Do not worry neither for loss of any information: backup and replicate easily as needed

PastryMgr Modules:


Structure Management

This module offers an admin-privileged interface for

adding locations, departments, points of sale etc.
configuring allowed products per location,
fix selling price and gross selling prices, minimum stock quantity before notification, minimal reorder quantity

User Management

This module allows Account Administrators to:
Create and edit user accounts, assign roles and privileges
Create or edit roles, assign privileges at role-level
Temporally disable or lock user accounts, reset passwords etc.
Temporally disable or lock system modules

Purchase and Invoice module

This module implements a generic workflow commonly known by stockkeepers. The module helps to:

Manage stock status,
Make purchase orders based on system notifications or in place verification
Check invoice payments and supplier invoice status.

Production Module

This module manages recipes, cost per product, ingredients, and all the workflow that follows the preparation and creation of a specific product. Users with various privileges can:

add a new recipe, specify ingredients
add extra production costs such as electricity etc.
create one or several units of product and automatically adjust ingredients stock status
employees can sign produced units and (if case be) enable financial payment per production

Sales Module

This module offers a rich user interface, designed specifically for use in departments point-of-sale like. Operators can:

Make a sale of a single or a list of products
Print invoices
Accept payments, adjust product stock status

Bills and Payments

Bills and Payments serves as a common module that stores and calculates common bills like electrical, water, gas etc. These payments then get divided in several cost centers, as a weighted fraction of the bill, depending on the time interval of the bill.

Reporting and financial status

This user panel gives the user the oportunity to see all movements, payments and financial records of a given period. The user can then track ingredient consumption, cost division, etc. and get an overall overview of the business ongoing big picture.