Project Description

Student Portal

With the commodity of today’s handheld devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, and easy internet access, it’s common that students (university grads or high school adolescents) demand interacting with school activities online. Our students portal serves as a community network that enables communication, collaboration and interaction between students, teachers and staff.

Unicorn User Portal was built to serve a single purpose: make collaboration easier and more accessible. UnicornUP is fully integrated with our UniMS, as part of our University Software Ecosystem.

Nevertheless, UnicornUP is still independent, build upon well-defined web standards and can be integrated with any backend system of your choice: via web-services, RESTful API or plain Database access.

UnicornUP allows students to:

  • access personal information, edit and update contact information accordingly.
  • access his career history, didactic status, exam grades and more
  • enroll and register in exams, as permitted
  • consult real time calendar, didactic course syllabus, professor contact information etc.
  • download didactic course learning notes and materials

UnicornUP enables teachers also to:

  • consult their teaching calendar
  • view students, classes, groups
  • upload teaching materials and share them with respective students/classes
  • communicate, notify and get feedback

UnicornUP integrates staff as well in order for them to:

  • trace, inform and notify students about upcoming events
  • share information, teaching materials etc.
  • make surveys, get feedback on specific topics

UnicornUP has also a public area, that enables internet users to sign up, register and attend specific open public activities such as workshops, training seminars, open hours etc. whose target audience is not only university students.