Project Description

UniMS, because education matters

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-said Nelson Mandela and we believe education should be the only weapon our children put hands on.

We all put our efforts into easing our children future: parents, teachers, university staff, etc. working and collaborating together for the sole purpose of a better education for our children…. UniMS does just that: a unified software platform that integrates all these components in one big ecosystem, making collaboration easier, communication simpler and overall education a lot more efficient.

If your University’s mission is to brighten up your students’ future, then let UniMS be your partner in managing efficiently every work process you may ever encounter.

What is UniMS?

UniMS is a software ecosystem that combines the best technologies and the experience of thousands of students, in order to enable, support and automate workflows in your university, between you, your staff, your students and their parents.

What does UniMS offer?

UniMS is:

  • User-Friendly: simple and intuitive in use, with inline help, on-demand help, and a very rich user manual.
  • Web-Based: use your favorite browser, in any computer on your network, and you are just one username/password away from operating the system
  • Customization-Ready: a privileged operator, can change work process as needed, customizing and adapting the software behavior to accomplish your needs
  • Open-Source technology: the entire system is powered by the open source technology, no need for a license, no need for legal counsel.
  • 24/7 technical support: we are ready to help you anytime, resolving any problem, accomplishing every need
  • Multi-Location: one system for all institutions, no matter where they are located. One internet/intranet connection and the software is on your browser.
  • Advanced reporting: query your data in just a few clicks, have your results filtered any way you like and download your reports instantly on your device
  • Dynamic Menu: Users get to see what they are enabled for: no confusing inactive menus, just what you need, when you need it
  • File Attachment: attach a digital copy of any needed document, in any context: It’ll be there when you need it in just one mouse click
  • Minimal requirements: it does not matter if your server is old, a simple workstation, a VPS or a shared host; we guarantee maximum performance in every case
  • Hosting choice: host your application in your servers, or in your favorite ISP, without any specific requirement or complex configuration
  • Easy-migration: Miss no data/history of the university in years, migrate your existing data with the most efficiency tools in the market
  • Automatic Alerts: Did you forget to publish last exam’s grades? Do not worry because the system will remind you as soon as you login. 100+ configurable notifications ready
  • Student Badge: Student Badge printed easy: in one click. Barcode identification for your library and/or other services
  • E-Gov compliance: download directly from the system all the reports and the data required by MASH-AKEP, in the specified format
  • Student Feedback: Get the opinion of students, even anonymous, with custom questionnaires on the didactic course, teaching, professors, etc. In real time

UniMS Modules

UniMS has a module for every workflow a university has to perfom. Also UniMS’s flexible architecture allows you to add new and customize existing modules to fit your unique needs.

User Management

This module allows Account Administrators to:
Create and edit user accounts, assign roles and privileges
Create or edit roles, assign privileges at role-level
Temporally disable or lock user accounts, reset passwords etc.
Temporally disable or lock system modules

Personal Information Management

This is one of the main modules and integrated on several parts of the system, with various privilege levels and information visibility. This module allows authorized operators to:
Manage personal information data of every person
Search and find a personal data by querying 100+ filters
Add new personal information attributes, as need arises
Configure visibility and modification privileges in various contexts (hidden, read-only, editable, editable-by-request)

Logging Module

Logging is the most important module for a secure and a reliable system. Use this module to:
View in real time who is using the system and what parts of it
Issue reports and statistics on operator performance
Track modifications history even on atomic database record
Receive automatic emails on specific system events and errors

Survey Module

This is one of the most dynamic modules, created to serve you in getting, optionally anonymous information on various topics. The module assists you in:
Creating and editing multiple survey campaigns
Creating blocking surveys: ex. Compilation of X didactic course survey is a requirement for student registration in X’s exams
Export statistics in Excel for further data analysis or download ready to deliver reports in compliance of MASH-AKEP requirements


This would be the entry point of your organization, managing mostly information about new potential students:
Collect and store personal information like name, surname, email or telephone of every person interested in your university
Build your marketing campaign upon this collected data
Manage your non-didactic activities like seminars and open hours, conferences, workshops and other training courses

Admission Exams

If your university has some form of pre-testing or exams in order for the student to get accepted, this module can handle all the workflow:
Online application or in person registration at your university
Online registration tracking, acceptance and guidance
Automatic grade ordering and anonymous result generation
Anonymous result publishing, via email or personal portal area, and codified ordered result list

University Didactic Plan

Didactic Plans can be complex and difficult to track, especially on 1000+ students schools. This module helps you:
Manage didactic plan independently for every course
Create didactic course dependencies, attendance or exam blocking
Create per-year level block depending on didactic plan passing patterns
Create and manage student groups, attendance, exams

Student Career

Know the history of your students from the moment of applying, to acceptance, registration, career history, graduation and job placement:
Find and printout the summary of student career in your university
Manage student’s didactic status and positions
Printout in a secure non-editable pdf/a any kind of student certificate, ready to sign and seal


All financial operations in one simple and easy to use module:
Create the digital representation of your tax and fees regulatory bylaws
Make it possible for student to download online automatically generated personal invoice, ready to present in the nearest bank
Manage special acts, scholarships, reimbursements, special discounts and fees
Block students for attendance or exams for unpaid taxes

Teachers’ Portal

This module enable teachers to be an active part on university’s workflow and a helping partners in every student’s career:
Consult his schedule, prepare for lecture and courses
Track his students didactic career
Upload didactic course materials and helping notes
Notify and interact with students and didactic secretary

Classroom management

This module will help you make an efficient use of your classrooms:
Help calendar compilation operators choose the right classroom for a lecture
Avoid classrooms conflict by blocking conflicting events
Manage special classrooms reservation (like informatics laboratory) and special requirements (like audio amplification, translating cabinet etc.)

Events Audit

This module serves as a measuring tool for your efficiency:
Track classroom utilization and identify methods to make more efficient use of your university ambient
Track teachers’ punctuality, lectures’ duration and effective class duration and compare planned classroom occupation and lecture duration with real audited data