Active Directory & Domain Controller

Everything is easier and more manageable when you have centralized user and computer management. Microsoft has proven itself worth in this domain, presenting his “Active Directory and Domain Controller Services”, widely used by any organization big or small.

We will guide you through the whole process of choosing the right Windows Server version for your needs, helping you understand various features and limitations, license alternatives and cost estimation.

Web Servers

Want to host your web applications internally? You have enough server power to host your public website? Than you need a reliable and secure web server. When it comes to security and availability, nothing is easy. Team Daedalus will offer you its expertize on web server installation and maintenance, from open source LAMP servers to commercial top-notch web server solutions on the market.

Application Servers

Enterprises that deal with a lot of sensitive data and do not trust public hosting services tend to build their own Application Servers, for hosting those big-box-softwares called ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares). This process introduces a lot of challenges, mostly because of security risks, technology mixture and lack of Application Server expertize. Team Daedalus will help you build your own private Application Server, be it Tomcat, Tomee, JBoss, Glassfish, Web Logic, LAMP, etc.

E-Mail Services

Not trusting public email services? Or you have a lot of emails per day, and commercial mailing services cost too much? Then build your own mail Server, hosted at you house or your favorite ISP provider. We will guide you into choosing the best technology, from open source Zimbra, OpenXchange, or other commercial alternatives, whatever suits best your features need and email daily traffic.

VoIP PBX Server

Company phone bills are too high? A lot of overseas calls maybe… Thinking into going VoIP ? At least that’s what other companies have done… The first step is choosing your VoIP provider, than choosing your PBX server. Even though there are not many alternatives to choose from, PBX implementation requires a lot of factors to be taken in consideration, starting from your simultaneous calls number, phone extensions, presence of remote extensions, call center features if needed etc. Be it Open Source PBX or commercial alternatives, Team Daedalus will help you build and configure a secure and reliable PBX server to never miss a call.