Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are almost obsolete in today’s “cloud era”, but still the most suitable choice for standalone softwares, with small number of users, offering that native used-to user experience. We at Team Daedalus implement softwares per your needs, from simple batch/scripting, native windows/linux applications to cross-platform Java Desktop apps.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps are officially conquering this generation. On Google Play or Apple Store you will definitely find any kind of app you’ve ever thought about. But when it comes to features or workflows there’s hardly any app that suits your needs. We at Team Daedalus are specialized into building native apps for android, iOS and windows, as specified by our client’s needs.

Website & CMS Development

You have a business and not an website ? In this century every business should have a website to promote it to the customers. We build responsive websites with beautiful designs. We can add a lot of functionalities to fulfill all requirements of a business.

Web Application Development

Web applications are our favorite type of solutions offered to our clients. The main reason is that enterprise level softwares, be it small department management software or all-in-one enterprise resource planning platforms, are projects that promote teamwork, collaboration, communication skills and are overall more challenging. Our agile 5-actor development process ensures good quality, reliable and secure software, while making our best to make the user interface more simple and user-friendly.

Backend Systems Integration

For various reasons long-life enterprises end up with several parallel software systems, each managing different parts and workflows of the organization, for example finance, billing, hr, etc. The main problem that derives in those cases is mostly visible in reporting services, since multiple systems generate different reports, and reports on demand become painful with a lot of manual work. But duplicate data, duplicate data-entry processes, IT maintenance etc are all very common problems in these scenarios. Team Daedalus promises to solve these problems by introducing our SSI-Team Software System Integrators. From BI customized reporting services with multiple backend systems to tailored plugins or synchronization scripts that integrate seamlessly any digital information system.