What is Student Card?

Student Card is an identifying tool, similar to ID card, Driving license etc. As all ID cards, Student Card contains one or more identifying details like:
Human-readable data: Name, Surname, Foto etc printed on one side of the ID badge
Identifying Barcode- an unik barcode for each student, that can contain matriculation number, ordinal number, personal number or a number from personal datas combined that can identify uniquely a student
Magnetic tape- equivalent with barcode, predisposed to be read by magnetic equipments
Chip RFID- equivalent with barcode, predisposed to be read in short distances

System offers these services:

  • Registration of a new member, completion of his personal and student datas
  • Print of a new or an existing badge that has been lost or damaged (Student card)
  • Management of requests for printing Student Card, prepayment for a ID badge and payments for its printing
  • Management of expiring dates of badges and blocking those cards
  • Online control of ¬†validity of a badge

Functional schema

Student Badges System EN